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The Godson (Official Music Video)

Shot produced & edited by: Higher Ground Radio

Big shout out to my producer and my engineer @digitalcrates

This Hip Hop track is about making my statement in the rap game. I have arrived and am here to stay. I flex my rap abilities while talking about things needing change in the world. I am trying to continue my family’s legacy through music as a first generation American. My parents emigrated from Portuguese. You will notice an animation of an American flag, and a Portuguese flag. Essentially, I want to elevate my family's legacy through bringing conscious thought to this crazy world we live in through my music.


There is also a deeper meaning than just myself… The mask and gloves signify the pandemic times. The black jacket to signify the black tuxedo, and a cork hat as a shoutout to my Portuguese heritage. Cork is a major export. The idea is faceless, which is also part of the reason why I am wearing the mask and sunglasses. Faceless, because it is any one of us but most importantly, all of us for real change to happen. The video incorporates several different mouths throughout the video; We all have an individual voice! The idea of Godson is not just me, and not just you. It is our generation. That has now arrived… into this world forced to deal with everything that comes with it.

We are the Godson and the family responsibility is ours now!